Savor the Taste of Parker, AZ with BigFoot Bulldogs Diner

BigFoot Bulldogs Diner is Arizona’s diner. It’s where guests stop over for many years to sit back, relax, enjoy and savor the taste of hearty, delicious meals 24/7, every day of the year. From breakfast time to satisfying and mouth-watering lunches and dinners, if you’re in the groove to try it, we’ll be serving it right away.

BigFoot Bulldogs is always open for you. We’re always very welcoming and always serve up hearty, delectable dinner food along with a specially brewed mug of fresh and hot coffee. Come over anytime, park yourself in a comfortable booth, take your special seat at the counter, order whatever you want, and it won’t take long for you to know why we’re truly Arizona’s diner.


Wake up feeling better starting your day with a wonderful breakfast. Serving up breakfast all day, BigFoot Bulldogs Diner Parker, AZ is the home of your local favorites. Try our Hungryman French Toast and Sausage Patties or Philly Cheese Steak! We serve all items with your choice of Toast, whether it’s wheat, sourdough, white, rye or croissant. Are you in the mood for a satisfying lunch? Grab our famous The DOZER Double or The Chili Burger. We’re looking forward to seeing and serving you. See you soon!


Try out our excellent collection of finest gourmet appetizers prepared and served as a delicious starter to spice up your dining perfectly. Take a bite of our delightful appetizers before trying our fantastic dinners. Try our Steak Potato with Bacon & Cheese Sauce or Frito Chili Pie. BigFoot Bulldogs makes you want to taste more with our perfect appetizers.


Classis favorites and creative delights! Your Parker, AZ adventure will never be completed without tasting our special burgers! This is your time to savor the best burgers you can choose from. BigFoot Bulldogs serves the most popular burgers equally enjoyed by Arizona and guests. You have a lot of choices at the most affordable prices. To start up, you can try The Rosie or The Pepper. We always serve our burger with the perfect ingredients to suit your taste buds. Whether you’re just up for your lunch hour or meeting with your friends, our menu is always available for you.


Expect that your favorite dish is always on our menu. If you’re from a long day’s work, no time to cook and tired of settling on frozen food or you might want to meet up with your friends or family in a comfortable environment, a delicious dinner will always be rightfully served for you. Our dishes are inspired with culinary classics and contemporary trends.


Chill out with our top choices of cold drinks and beverages or just enjoy the day with a cup of our freshly-brewed BigFoot Bulldogs coffee. It’s also perfect to try our dishes while relaxing yourself inside our warm ambiance. Order a drink for yourself or enjoy it with someone.

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